The Cave of Legends : Revised Edition Volume 1


There have been many tales
of mysterious locations
long before written history.
This book contains three
of those wonderous locations.
{np}The reasoning behind selecting
the particular locations is as follows.

The masses are only a little less interested
about riches such as treasure and gold
than they are about the Goddesses.

We will start with the legends of Alembique.{np}Chapter 1 Legends of Alembique
There are tales of a cave named Alembique
in the southern province of Kiren.

It is said that a brilliant alchemist
created many invaluable goods
and occasionally invited people
to show off to them.{np}Nobody seems to know the location
of the mysterious Alembique Cave.

However, older people in several villages
tell their descendants of being invited to the cave,
and not wanting to leave the place
as they had experienced never before seen luxuries.

Therefore, people from these villages
have a habit of congratulating any people that have gone missing
and hope that they will also be invited one day.


A book containing information on mysterious locations within the Kingdom.


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