Encyclopedia of Masters, Chapter 2


Encyclopedia of Masters
{np}1. Sorsha Hutton

The founder of the Huttons was born in the time of King Rael II and later made a significant contribution to King Cosomel in the Battle for the Throne. As a reward, received land and a nobility title.
For several centuries, the Huttons focused on improving their own brand of swordsmanship. The house of the Huttons considered noble education, land management and skills in combat of utmost importance. Those who did not meet the standard were sent out of the land. Great care and focus were on swordsmanship..
{np}Young Sorsha Hutton showed unparalleled talents even in the history of her family. She applied for the Fencer Master position.
Not all the Fencer Masters have been from the Huttons but a Hutton applies and there is no one that could rival the Hutton. Full support was given to her.
{np}2. Loreta Nimbus

She was born in the later era of King Damiel and got on the master position in the era of King Frienel.
Her greatest achievement that dwarves that of her foremasters is discovering a way to obtain longevity through absorbing the life force.
The first beneficiary of this technique was of course herself and she became a member of Amjinas. These two factors rendered any need for successors to the Necromancer Master position.
{np}3. Gina Greene

The house of the Greenes owns the largest amount of land.
Gina Greene grew up in various parts of her family land and it was such experience that made her choose the path to the Druid Master.
{np}Furthermore, when she inherited the largest portion of the land, she sold the land for it was not right for a Druid Master to get tied to a specific location. The money she has made from the transaction is entrusted in the Kedora Merchant Alliance. Her wealth provokes envy even from the Pardoner Master.
Her action was not based on any pursuit of financial gains nor did she expected or anticipated such but her decision was a highly profitable one given that after Medzio Diena wrecked almost all the land.
{np}Of course, her interest was not in the money and she supported her kins and many other people who have suffered from Medzio Diena.{np}4. Leonard Quicktongue

Leonard Quicktongue the Sapper Master is not the name given to him by his parents.
He achieved quite an infamy in his adolescence as a thief. He stole army supplies and his father who was a soldier took the blame.
Because it was his son's deeds, he could not prove his innocence. It is said that he never met the Sapper Master until the day he died.
{np}Quicktongue reformed of his way and became a soldier himself. He served as an officer and made a name for himself. However, despite continuous visit requests, his father only replied that if it is an order from a superior officer, he will visit.
Perhaps it is due to such background, the Sapper Master does subtle charity work.


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