Record of Solcomm's Attacks on the Astral Tower 3


Investigating the lake water was futile. Perhaps they could have found a solution for a simpler kind of holy water, but this substance was much more complex. It had been created with not only magic, but alchemistic and theological knowledge far too advanced to decipher in such a short time.{np}Observing the sacrifice of the first demons to come in contact with the lake taught them that it was part holy water, modified to react to demons and nothing else. They would have attempted to destroy the main devices powering the water's reaction, but getting to them involved passing through the lake's dangerous waters. Even without the interference of Schaffenstar's members, there was no way around it.{np} Solcomm certainly had his talented subordinates, but all Schaffenstar members were expert marksmen. Each demon would have been crossed by ten different arrows before they could even reach the lake's devices. Sure enough, even their most agile flying demons could not escape the tower's large ballista.{np} Next, he attempted an attack by ship. Despite its shallow appearance, the Starlit Lake hid in it an abyss of unknown depth. The Astral Tower had been magically built hovering above this abyss, with the path leading to the tower also constructed through magic means. The area containing the tower and its path had been built on floating magic stones, while the rest remained a normal lake. Solcomm's plan, then, was to attack the tower from the magic-free zones surrounding it.{np}Unfortunately, obtaining the ships he needed wasn't as easy as planned. Even with Pbeta in charge of gathering ships and volunteers to sail them, their numbers fell short, so Solcomm resorted to secretly contacting Premier Eminent for help. Eminent had been gathering tremendous wealth in the human realm and was able to support their endeavour. Thus the demons could finally set sail on the Starlit Lake.{np}Sailing aboard the ships, the demons avoided contact with the water. They sailed for a few moments without signs of the enemy. The lake did not seem protected by any naval forces. Upon reaching a certain point in the lake, a downpour of arrows suddenly began to fall onto the demons' ships, piercing holes and splashing the lake's harmful water on their bodies. Unable to save the ships, the demons were helpless as water continued to infiltrate through the holes.{np}The attack was not unforeseen, however. Solcomm had expected the occupants of the tower to fire their arsenal at his men; it was their most obvious means for defense.{np}Solcomm's goal was to determine whether his enemies on the lake in Astral Tower had other means of defense besides projectile weapons.
After much sacrifice and enduring countless arrows and weapons fired by the Schaffenstar members, he managed to approach the tower. Convinced that he now understood every means of defense at the tower's disposal, Solcomm retreated his army.{np}Even his flying monsters, which are normally capable of attacking rooftops and flying over the lake, were useless. However, Solcomm's attempt to approach the tower was not in vain.
Now that he was assured that Astral Tower only protected itself with projectile weapons, he came up with a plan.


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