Encyclopedia of Masters, Chapter 3


*Encyclopedia of Masters, Chapter 3
{np} The Masters of this edition have held their positions for years and are relatively well known.
As such, I was able to write without help as I did for the last edition.
However, as always, one Master writing about others of the same era can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and drama.
{np} Nevertheless, I feel that without a written record, especially in this time where certain calamities, such as Medzio Diena, can cause us to forget to document our history, we will be unable to hand down our records to those of the next generation.
{np} Sage Master Lufas Kehel
{np} 1. Swordsman Master Rashua
Born as a commoner, Rashua rose from the lowest rank in the army to that of general.
He has held the position of guard captain of the Royal family and even when he became a general he continued to oversee the training of new recruits. Because of this, he became quite well-known.
{np}Although he has been formally discharged from service, he temporarily returned to interview new soldiers. Yet following the events of Medzio Diena there are rumors that he has returned to duty.
In truth, Rashua had stepped down from heading military training, but at the request of the army it is said he has returned, although only he would know the full details.
In a famous turn of events, after receiving the position again after Highlander Master Douglas Black, it was once again given to General Lamin.
{np} Besides this famous occurrence, not much can be spoken of in relation to the rest of his work, as the circumstances of it are closely kept military secrets.
{np} 2. Peltasta Master Maria Leed Master
Maria Leed is a particularly special character.
Unlike her peers, she has no direct connection with the army.
This would imply that she was a hired hand, but this too isn't quite the case.
{np} One can still be classified as a Master, with a preference to work alone and without being involved in either field. But this will result in fewer followers.
She and the few that do follow her act as mercenaries and can be employed for a price, yet this is not their main focus.
Because of her unique character and the interesting nature of her followers, she may continue to reject the Highlander Master's calls for a partnership.
{np} 3. Pyromancer Master Abreh Melinn
Abreh Melinn is an atypical Wizard who has been able to find an effective fusion between faith in the goddesses and magic research.
{np} Her exceptional achievement in magic is thanks to a blessing from Goddess Gabija, which also allowed her to reach previously unknown heights in fire magic.
In her glory days, it is said that even Agailla Flurry's fire magic was no match for Abreh Melinn's burning flame.
{np} 4. Wizard Master Lucia
Born from a common background with average ability, it is said that Lucia was lacking in talent when first started out as a magic apprentice.
{np} However, with an iron will, she overcame her shortcomings and rose to the rank of Wizard. She uses her own experiences to help fledgling magic students.
An avid supporter of magic, she disapproves of those who do not take their training seriously and who think lightly of the Wizard's path.
{np} 5. Cleric Master Rozalija.
Rozalija used her talents as a cleric and healer to help those in Klaipeda, Siauliai, and other such places. Because of this, despite her young age, she has received love and affection from many of the Kingdom's citizens.
{np}As there is not a sufficient age difference between the two, it is sad to say that when the Plague Doctor Master retires, Rozaliia will not spend much time in his place.
This goes to follow that maybe Rozaliia will not be given the chance to serve as Plague Doctor Master. However, should the time come where that will be necessary, all has already been prepared.
During that time Rozaliia will be the acting head of both positions, Cleric Master and Plague Doctor Master until a suitable replacement for either role is found.
{np} 6. Krivis Master Herkus
Of all the Clerics, the Krivis are the most traditional followers of the Goddesses.
As serious followers of tradition and times passed, many older Clerics can be found here. However, there are a few Clerics who wish to follow traditional practices of Goddess worship in their early studies.
{np} Followers of this path must not waver and must lead a life of faith.
Luckily, Herkus has an affinity for teaching this strict devotion along with the grace of the goddesses to the people due to his years of experience as a Krivis priest.
{np}He is also good friends with the Paladin Master.
Their friendship is the background for the close relationship the two orders now share.
This is the type of relationship many wish they continue to foster despite their differences in the past.
{np} 7. Archer Master Edmundas Tiller
Edmundas Tiller is a distant descendent of a royal family that fell to the rank of commoner after falling on hard times.
Coming from a family of farmers he entered the army and later became a Master.
{np} Due to his past, he takes a particular interest in sponsoring talented people coming from unfortunate circumstances. He is also interested in the construction of the Astral Tower.
Acquiring the materials necessary for repairing the walls of the city is also an important task of his as he hopes to fortify Klaipeda's defenses.
{np} 8. Quarrel Shooter Master Ream Toiler
Before Medzio Diena, Ream Toiler had a number of hobbies such as upgrading his armor and catapults while also studying the traditions of Lydia Schaffen.
{np} It's said that he is also the type to gain weight easily.
Although he sincerely works hard, the reason for this hefty appearance is due to his nature of equally balancing his duties as Master and his personal hobbies.
{np} No one can deny his impressive call to action after the events of Medzio Diena.
Yet there are still many who spread unfounded rumors that he is has bragged to Hunter Master, Fiona Ieva, about a sudden weight loss.


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