Lydia Schaffen and the Fletcher


The Fletcher Master and Lydia Schaffen {/}{np}Even if someone becomes the world's greatest archer, consumption of arrows will always be a problem.
Lydia Schaffen's bow was used with great care. However, Schaffen too, uses arrows.
But unlike fired arrows, Her bow is permanent even with continued use.
{np}Even if it was impossible to create arrows that can be used permanently, Lydia Schaffen delved into arrow crafting techniques.
Obtaining materials neccesary to craft arrows was another problem.
{np}Troubled greatly by this problem, Lydia Schaffen went on a journey to find the solution.
Whether or not she had been granted blessing by the goddess when she met the Fletcher Master or if she found the solution to her problem, Historians will continue to debate about the topic.
{np}Many Fletchers had been produced ever since the dawn of time. But talentless numbers are irrelevant.
People just call him the Fletcher Master, Lydia Schaffen too,was uncertain of his name.
{np}Ever since his rise to fame, People called him the Fletcher Master. People who knew his real name were swept away by the passings of the river of time.
His real name, according to some scholars, was said to be John Blacksmith. but the name itself isn't getting any credibility, since you cannot readily accept a famous name that common.
{np}Anyway, Lydia Schaffen met this the Fletcher Master who was an arrow expert. Lydia after overcoming her journey, was ready to learn.
However, arrow crafting techniques by the Fletcher Master was a secret at that time, and in the years afterwards, a stuff among legends.
{np}However, even if you are the world's greatest archer, the goddess' blessing is important to learn the arrow crafting techniques of the Fletcher Master.
Therefore only someone who has the blessing of the goddess can be molded to create a the Fletcher Master, like how Lydia Schaffen created new and consistent arrows.
{np}Another tale is of the Fletcher Master's secret to avoid combat according to the maker's manual is to hit with certainty somewhere in the spleen.
{np}The rapid production of arrows by the Fletcher Master is regarded to be his sole talent. However he may have a secret lying in wait somewhere in this world.


Story of the Legendary Archer and Arrow Maker. Readable.


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