Lydia Schaffen Crossroads


Lydia Schaffen Crossroads {/}{np}This is a record to the Royal Family about a story when King Kadumel asked Lydia Schaffen whether she can hit a target behind a boulder or a tree, and how she simply answered the King with the crisp sound of her arrow hitting the target. However, there are some written inconsistencies from the royal record and the folklore. That is, King Kadumel noted at the time, he was not giving Schaffen a test of her abilities with a bow.{np}A more important fact is what sort of target Lydia Schaffen hit. Or to put it more precisely, who she hit, would be of great significance.
Whenever the royal records and the folklore handle this story, they do not reference the time when it arose.
{np}Both versions simply introduce the heroic story by focusing on Lydia Schaffen's great bow skills.
There is a certain reason for this.
The reason is that this story happened in the final days of the Civil War. Differing from the known folklore, Ruklys was not killed by King Kadumel's soldiers in the last layer of the Fortress of the Land. It is said that Ruklys had a particular reason for not letting any outsiders into the heart of his fort.
{np}Rather than dying, Ruklys escaped moments before his fort was overrun, and King Kadumel ordered his soldiers to go pursue him.
After the pursuit, Ruklys found himself cornered at the edge of a cliff.{np}There was a large enough rock on the cliff for Ruklys to put his back against while facing the cliff and keeping the King's soldiers at the opposite face of the rock.
Ruklys leaned his back on the rock so the King's archer who tracked him could not attack.
If it were a different location they could have gone to the left and right to surround and rain arrows, but the cliff, alongside the battle formation, was not a place for such attacks.
{np}Having no archers who could shoot across the air beyond the cliff, King Kadumel unquestionably drove his soldiers towards the edge of the cliff.
{np}However Ruklys and his remaining men repelled the King's soldiers, showing their inhuman ability to persist day and night. This even caused the King's peasant soldiers to begin to waver.
Furthermore, Ruklys' heroic struggle made such an impression to some of Kadumel's men and officers, that some started questioning Kadumel's command.
Already unpopular among people under his rule, King Kadumel could not continue pushing his men to their death, he also could not wait until Ruklys died of hunger or fatigue.
{np}And through this situation, King Kadumel asked a clever question to Lydia Schaffen.
Of course, Lydia did not take King Kadumel's provocation as a chance to show her skills and fire a meek high angle shot to kill Ruklys. There were other reasons that were overlapping here.{np}But considering these reasons, in any case, such as having her master's wishes, or the thought that she ended someone's life through her own hands, we as the current generation can only guess how hurt and conflicted were Lydia Schaffen's emotions. Henceforth, people became knowledgeable of the time when Lydia Schaffen easily pierced a target behind a boulder from the crossroads, however, Lydia would bear an immeasurable complex emotion about the crossroads from that day forward.


No target is invisible for a trained archer! Readable.


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