Armor from the Kadumel Era


Armor from the Kadumel Era{/}{np}

Vados Winterspoon{np}

10 years have passed since I began my research. Now, exactly 30 years after the Civil War, I finally have results to show.
Although the purpose of this research is to satisfy my small curiosity, if the scope were to be broadened, it may prove beneficial to the Winterspoon family.
{np}Anyway, after spending a long time searching every nook and cranny for information about Ruklys and his followers, I reached a conclusion.
*These notes were compiled after the... from King Kadumel's men..., on the assumption that there are no contradictions.*
During the period when the Civil War took place, there weren't any significant differences between the King's army and rebel army.{np}Both sides had armaments of comparable quality.
King Kadumel's army outnumbered the rebel army, but the Fortress of the Land and its surrounding city (now called Petrified City) was a favourable position to be situated in.{np}Many of the attackers had to attack through a funnel, is my conclusion.
These tactics reduced the numerical advantage from 10-to-1 to 3-to-1. *Ruklys intended to make a heroic defense in the Fortress of the Land*, The likelihood of victory is not great, even with 20 times the amount of troops. A theory commonly accepted by military scholars.
{np}King Kadumel had a numerical advantage in troops, but other factors involved are just as important.
A significant difference, for example, is how wars are fought now compared to a thousand years ago.{np}There have been many advances in military science, but the changes created by the development of the magical academy is incomparable. Warfare with magicians as combatants add a lot more elements for commanders to consider.{np}This was the key difference between the armies of Ruklys and King Kadumel.
{np}If one side had magicians whereas the other side did not, the difference between troops and equipment is meaningless. It is estimated that the number of magicians in King Kadumel's army was substantial.
{np}*Although Ruklys' mentor was against fighting an army that has a considerable number of magicians, the war could not be avoided.*{np}Typically, the number of soldiers and their equipment greatly influences the tide of battle; however, with the inclusion of magicians, such was not the case as it turns out during the civil war.{np}This phenomenon creates some issues to how the past was analyzed. If King Kadumel had not properly utilized the magicians, then it would be his folly and incompetence. As for the exceptional bravery Ruklys demonstrated, there may be another explanation to it.
{np}The perspectives like those are not all invalid. However, one thing must be said about the result of this research. That is the metal Ruklys and his followers used for their armor.{np}The purpose of the research is to examine why magic was not effective in the battle against Ruklys and his followers.
{np}In other words, it's a possibility that Ruklys' forces were armed with Mana Metal powerful enough to negate the magical attacks of magicians.
At first, this may sound absurd.{np}The fact that a metal, Mana Metal, with such high resistance against magic exists is strange, but if such a metal does exist, then there couldn't have been enough to make more than one set of armor. The commander, Ruklys, would have been the only one wearing such an armor, otherwise it wouldn't make sense if the Mana Metal were distributed to that many of his troops.
It is just as reasonable that the opposite was true.{np}If one were to write about this, he/she can think of an objection to this immediately.
In order to support this claim, one would need to find evidence of such a phenomena.
{np}If I personally have not reached the conclusion myself, I would not have believe such wild hypothesis.
What we have discovered was that the particular type of Mana Metal does not become fractured in the extreme cold temperatures. Other seemingly sturdy metals are highly vulnerable to extreme temperatures. No matter how strong a certain type of metal is, it will crack into many pieces at cold temperatures.
{np}However, the Mana Metal Ruklys collected did not have such a weakness.
{np}Upon visiting the location of the Fortress of the Land, my conclusion was proven correct. Pieces of the Mana Metal were found. I believe that they were used in battle. My hypothesis is that a small amount of the Mana Metal is sufficient to protect against the Kings' magician's wide area magic spells.
{np}Let's move our focus unto Ruklys. According to credible records, all the magic attacks even from the royal magicians were useless against Ruklys so the casualty toll kept rising until they had to use Lydia Schadden's arrow. Such supports my hypothesis.
{np}Judging from the clues discovered, Ruklys should have been wearing magic resistant armor at the time.

Combined with other clues during that period of time, the armor Ruklys was wearing must have been produced using a large amount of Mana Metal.{np}So I shall call this Mana Metal 'Cold Iron' temporarily.


A research paper on armors used during the rule of King Kadumel. Readable.


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