Torn Diary (Part 2)


The 10th of X
Mr. Raman, who lived at the bank of the creek opposite from us, went on leave. His wife said he was off to get firewood.
Well, for a long time he was gone in Klaipeda.
I've heard that you can find a lot of beautiful girls in Klaipeda.
{np}The 13th of X
Today was prayer day, but somehow everyone in town had a stomach ache, so we could not celebrate. Why this happened specifically on this day I do not know.
Well, illnesses will be illnesses. I guess we'll just eat some potato porridge to feel better.
{np}The 14th of X
Last night I had an argument with my little sister.
Writing down what you really think isn't that embarrassing. After what happened,
I made a necklace as a present to her, and she came back to me.
Well, I had to give in eventually. Even so, on one morning, she disappeared to somewhere.
{np}Ah, just now my neighbor made me some delicious porridge.
In return I made them some warm soup. I can cook too, you know?
Tonight will be another feast so I'm going to make sure to eat and drink plenty.


A torn page from a diary of a resident who used to live in Andale Town. Readable.


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