Torn Diary (Part 3)


The 16th of X
I got a stomachache drinking soup that I didn't know already went bad.
I double-checked the smell before eating it, but there was no bad odor.
I felt horrible inside so I went to the well for water. Even with the water, I continued to feel horrible.
{np}I've been throwing up a lot lately but it seems to be getting better now.
Tomorrow I'm going to go see Mr. Gordon to get some medicinal herbs.
My little sister still hasn't come back yet. When I go to her room, I find no clothes. Even Mr. Man is getting worried.{np}The 17th of X
The village was eerily quiet today.
There are no signs of the people who went earlier to get herbs from Mr. Gordon.


A torn page from a diary of a resident who used to live in Andale Town. Readable.


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