Torn Diary (Part 4)


The 23rd of X
This might be the last time I get to write in this diary.
Lyliana, you are the only family I have left in this world...
Please be alive somewhere...
(There is something written, but it's all jumbled up and has ceased to be legible.){np}Unknown Date
Several days must've passed.
I've been on the run for around two days now without food or sleep.
The people who fled to Klaipeda were all caught and killed.
I don't even know how many are still alive and can walk.
Everything is as quiet as the shadows, yet moving at a quick pace. We are all tense from fear of attack.{np}They did not wish for any uproar or disorder.
They are not people.
We must somehow notify Klaipeda.
A last resort would be to abandon everything we can't use and move out.


A torn page from a diary of a resident who used to live in Andale Town. Readable.


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