Roxona Civil War, Chapter 1


Lydia Schaffen was a master of archery.
She could even hit the feelers of a small insect.
She stood in front of the great knight Ruklys.
She held her breath and slowly drew her bow.
It wasn't that long ago when Lydia Schaffen stood against Ruklys who used to be her lover.
{np}It was a day in the winter time.
The tyranny of Kadumel King started getting extreme.
Never-ending labor, starving people, corrupted landlords and a violent king...
Ruklys could not stand what he was seeing in the kingdom.
Everyone in Roxona believed that Ruklys would win.
{np}The spring had come and Ruklys was still in high spirits.
Ruklys obtained the information that there was a village where the thieves who'd collided with the kingdom soldiers were living.
The soldiers were so corrupted...
Ruklys decided to attack the village with his subordinates.
{np}He was just fighting against the thieves, but some unknown tension made Ruklys to hold his sword more firmly.
A few of his colleagues fell down with the blood bursting out from their chests.
At the same time, Ruklys and his subordinates ran towards the village.
They didn't need to horn the pipe to let everyone know the battle has started.
{np}They possessed a decent level of archery and martial arts.
The doubts which Ruklys had in his mind also disappeared.
It was certain that they were not normal thieves...
Ruklys held his sword on his other hand.
He noticed something strange as the time passed by, but that was after many people died.
In the darkness, the battle continued.
Ruklys managed to win the battle at the end, but he felt somewhat uncomfortable.
Long after the battle, he found out that the village was the hometown of Lydia Schaffen.


The first book written about the Roxona Civil War. It appears readable.


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