Roxona Civil War, Chapter 2


The time went by and the summer, the season of new green leaves came...
Lydia Schaffen wandered around to find the one who'd killed her parents and relatives.
The goddesses were on her side after all.
The time that she's been waiting for has finally come.
{np}One by one they fell in the dark to her unexpected arrows.
Although it should have been an easy fight for them, they never knew where she was.
The sound of her arrows ripped through air and skin.
Soon there were no one other than Lydia Schaffen, who stood still.
{np}Lydia Schaffen raised her torch.
The flame wavered ominously, causing her shadow to waver as well...
She wanted to see the faces of the villains who killed her parents and neighbors as well as burnt the village.
Many of the faces she saw for the first time, but some of them were familiar.
They were loyal subordinates of Ruklys and she knew very well about them.
If it had been a brighter time and different location, she may have noticed the incident before it occurred.
But, the incident had occurred and it was irrevocable.
Just as Lydia Schaffen had her reasons to kill her enemies, Ruklys now had his: to defeat her for killing his subordinates.
{np}With a gloomy sense of shame and unfamiliar embarrassment,
she quietly picked up her bow and left the place.
The news soon reached Ruklys.
They both comforted themselves by thinking that they just fell into a wicked plan.
But, it was useless. They felt the vague shadow of the wicked plan behind them.
{np}But, it was too late.
There was nothing she could do except for put an end to Ruklys,
with the arrows that she now love and hate.
Or else his sword will guide her to the goddesses... There was nothing she could do.


The second book written about the Roxona Civil War. It appears readable.


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