The Cave of Legends : Revised Edition Volume 2


There have been many tales
of mysterious locations
long before written history.
This book contains three
of those wonderous locations.
{np}The reasoning behind selecting
the particular locations is as follows.

The masses are only a little less interested
about riches such as treasure and gold
than they are about the Goddesses.

We will now go on to the hidden Royal Mausoleum.{np}Chapter 2 : Legends of the Hidden Royal Mausoleum
The Great Woodlands have been used by the nobles and public alike
as hunting grounds or refuge thanks to their lush vegetation.
As such, it is an inevitability that people have experience.
However, the funny thing is
there is no account related to the royal family.
According to some rumors,
the reason for lack of accounts is because after Taniel II era.
Many offerings were buried in the secret mausoleum.{np}What I am saying is that
the Royalty seemed to leave this place alone
as there was a secret place here.{np}To be frank, record of Taniel the Second's funeral
are extremely sparse
which lends extra credibility to these claims.
That is because the other funerals
had some sort of records
no matter how small.
However, even if these claims are true
the Mausoleum will never see the light of day.{np}The location of the secret mausoleum remains hidden
for it is almost impossible to avoid
the gaze of Goddess Medeina.
That is why even if the rumors are true, it is likely that it will remain just a legend.


A book containing information on mysterious locations within the Kingdom.


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