The Cave of Legends : Revised Edition Volume 3


There have been many tales
of mysterious locations
long before written history.
This book contains three
of those wonderous locations.
{np}The reasoning behind selecting
the particular locations is as follows.

The masses are only a little less interested
about riches such as treasure and gold
than they are about the Goddesses.

We will continue with the legends of the Golden Veins of Barconsi.{np}Chapter 3 : The Golden Veins of Barconsi
There are tales that there is a legendary gold vein
in the rural mountains of the Kingdom.
It is said that a demon had found this vein
and a hero defeated the demon before claiming it.{np}It is also said that the hero
only took the vein to prevent the demon from using it
and had no interest in using it for himself.
That is why he buried the location forever.{np}The hero eventually passed away from old age
and left no children leaving the gold
up for anyone to take if they could find it.{np}However, there is something suspicious
about this legend.
There is no record of Barconsi,
the hero who supposedly took the gold from the demon
in any of the Kingdom's records.{np}As such, many people believe that
this legend is fictional
as there is no record of Barconsi.
However, they do not try to explain
why Barconsi's name is involved.
Of course, there are also many people
that keep searching for the gold.


A book containing information on mysterious locations within the Kingdom.


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