Lucid Winterspoon's Memoranda


Some day in the year 679 of our kingdom
I had the chance to engage in conversation with Tesla recently. He told me his sculptures serve as a reminder of his own history, giving him the strength to continue living. Then, he asked if I, too, had such a record of my life.
I told him not, and he advised me to create one myself. After carefully pondering Tesla's words, I have decided to follow his advice, as my sole elder in this world.
That is how I came to start writing these records that I shall call my memoranda.
Some day in the year 700 of our kingdom
Rimgaudas came to consult me on a church to be constructed in Gele Plateau. He had expected me to remember an architectural style I merely saw a few times before and that has since disappeared.
He looks keen on suggesting I perform time navigation. I plan on telling him that, if a church is to be built behind such secrecy, it might be wiser to create something new rather than follow an old style.
He seems to favor the look of Maven's Great Cathedral, however, so I don't believe he will reconsider. Construction is planned to take 7 years. I suppose I can go and congratulate him then.
Some day in the year of 749 of our Kingdom.
After ruling for 40 years, our King Sawsel's condition looks to have deteriorated. I don't expect His Highness to survive another 2 or 3 years.
The work I have completed under the wisest ruler known to history in the past decades will certainly remain as a precious memory of mine for as many years as I live.
Some day in the year of 872 of our Kingdom
Our King Nachel III's reign of half a century seems to slowly be reaching its end. I can't be certain due to the lack of records, but I don't believe a king as ever lived, or will live, to rule as long as Nachel III.
While not as peaceful as the reign of Sawsel I, few are those who remember his era. Regular folk are bound to think of this as the first true period of peace in the kingdom.
Some day in the year of 876 of our Kingdom
It seems Owyn Dilven, unable to refuse our former king, has at last taken up the position of royal wizard, he who was so keen on declining the role... This ought to be the start of an interesting era.
Some day in the year of 879 of our Kingdom
Owyn came and asked me when I plan to stop living like a hermit, away from everything. Now that the royal court has caught him, he's trying to drag me with him... I was slightly taken aback, I must say.{np}
Yet, after he begged and insisted,
I did agree to donate part of the records of my achievements to the kingdom.
My first donation will be this collection of memoranda. Although I can't be sure when...
Some day in the year of 884 of our Kingdom
It has come to my attention that a few young magic learners are discussing whether or not
I am the greatest wizard alive.
Owyn Dilven is who they think of as my closest match. He is indeed the quintessential wizard of our times, as well as the court's elite wizard. He may be almost 100 years short of practice, but his skill is enough to rival my own.{np}
If the two of us were to battle, however,
I certainly don't think he would be a match for me. But, should we continue living, that is, by using magic to lengthen our lives without dying of murder or suicide, I do believe he is bound to overpass my capacities in every sense.
Although that would require another century or so to become true.
The Necromancer Master is also often mentioned as our rival, but even with 100 years of training she will never outplay me.
Some day in the year of 890 of our Kingdom
Someday I wish to add something to what I've written in these records. The wizards have been discussing duels, but neither I, Owyn, nor anyone is as powerful as Agailla Flurry at the moment. And it isn't simply a question of magical power.{np}
She is exceptionally robust, and her vision
broader than anyone's. The rest of us can only look to her in reverence.
A few episodes little known to the world perfectly illustrate the extension of her capacities.{np}
There was the time she unprecedentedly came
to be the successor of a goddess to fulfill the request of another divinity. Another time, she developed a plan to overthrow a demon lord's grandiose and cruel plans to hurt humanity by signing a contract.
In the end, she eradicated the demon lord entirely and became the sole person, aside from the goddesses and other transcendental beings, to ever enter the Fantasy Library. This incident in itself allowed her to then thwart Giltine's plans.{np}
In her quest to do good, she brought
the goddess to the Mage Tower, and using a Demon Lord she obstructed the plans of the Demon Goddess herself. This alone should suffice to prove her greatness to the world, I believe.{np}
Perhaps not now, but someday the entire
world will know of her feats. If not these, then other, higher achievements
that will further heighten the reputation of Agailla Flurry.


A history book obtained after helping Investigator Gasper. Lucid Winterspoon's memorandum, which has a few blank pages here and there. Right-click to read.


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