Andale Village Resident Diary



{@ST43}Andale Village Resident Diary{/}{np}
-The 4th of X
There's been very little traffic coming to town from the capital.
When one family moved in, the whole village threw a welcome party.
After all, how many outsiders do we get to meet these days?
{np}I might not know for what reason people would come all the way out here,
but after Medzio Diena, it feels great to be in such a cheerful town.
I might skip work tomorrow and party along.

{np}The 5th of X
I steamed some potato dumplings to try to get to know the new neighbors.
I heard some loud noises when I knocked on the door.
The neighbor seemed to be quite expressionless, but lightened up at the sight of the dumplings I had brought along.
{np}He apologized for his lack of spirit before, as he and his son were putting up wallpaper.
What a harmonious family, I wonder if I could create something like that?{np}The 10th of X
Mr. Raman, who lived at the bank of the creek opposite from us, went on leave. His wife said he was off to get firewood.
Well, for a long time he was gone in Klaipeda.
I've heard that you can find a lot of beautiful girls in Klaipeda.
{np}The 13th of X
Today was prayer day, but somehow everyone in town had a stomach ache, so we could not celebrate. Why this happened specifically on this day I do not know.
Well, illnesses will be illnesses. I guess we'll just eat some potato porridge to feel better.
{np}The 14th of X
Last night I had an argument with my little sister.
Writing down what you really think isn't that embarrassing. After what happened,
I made a necklace as a present to her, and she came back to me.
Well, I had to give in eventually. Even so, on one morning, she disappeared to somewhere.
{np}Ah, just now my neighbor made me some delicious porridge.
In return I made them some warm soup. I can cook too, you know?
Tonight will be another feast so I'm going to make sure to eat and drink plenty.{np}The 16th of X
I got a stomachache drinking soup that I didn't know already went bad.
I double-checked the smell before eating it, but there was no bad odor.
I felt horrible inside so I went to the well for water. Even with the water, I continued to feel horrible.
{np}I've been throwing up a lot lately but it seems to be getting better now.
Tomorrow I'm going to go see Mr. Gordon to get some medicinal herbs.
My little sister still hasn't come back yet. When I go to her room, I find no clothes. Even Mr. Raman is getting worried.{np}The 17th of X
The village was eerily quiet today.
There are no signs of the people who went earlier to get herbs from Mr. Gordon.

The 23rd of X
This might be the last time I get to write in this diary.
Lyliana, you are the only family I have left in this world...
Please be alive somewhere...
(There is something written, but it's all jumbled up and has ceased to be legible.){np}Unknown Date
Several days must've passed.
I've been on the run for around two days now without food or sleep.
The people who fled to Klaipeda were all caught and killed.
I don't even know how many are still alive and can walk.
Everything is as quiet as the shadows, yet moving at a quick pace. We are all tense from fear of attack.{np}They did not wish for any uproar or disorder.
They are not people.
We must somehow notify Klaipeda.
A last resort would be to abandon everything we can't use and move out.


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