Record of Solcomm's Attacks on the Astral Tower 1


If the tower is completed, attacking by force is useless, Solcomm thought.
The cold brawl between him and Schaffenstar was beginning to warm up again. It all started when Solcomm was in the process of gathering his demon henchmen. Mobilizing a large group of demons in the human realm was no easy task, especially when it involved staying under the radar of the goddesses.{np}Perhaps fortunately for him, many were the demons Lydia Schaffen had encountered and killed throughout her life, including several high-ranked demon lords. This was a convenient pretext for Solcomm's side to launch a revenge war without over-worrying about their agreement with the goddesses.{np}Whether it was in true combat, or whether Schaffen killed those demons in self-defense did not matter. The truth remained that they needed to move a whole army of demons. To make matters worse, there was always the chance of an extended war with Lydia and her Schaffenstar organization, which would require constant supply of demon soldiers and trusted officials to command them.
Assembling demon subordinates was an arduous task, even for a demon lord. Hauberk was right when he touted over and over again that demons needed better systematization of their orders. No demon should be without association, he had said.{np}Unfortunately, being thorough was not in their nature. Orders were given by whichever high-rank official was nearest, so subordinates simply fell under the control of whomever they preferred. The Creator had provided them and the goddesses with enough freedom. It simply happened that the idea of systematization did not conform with their principles. More importantly, when the power of every demon was needed, they had Giltine.{np}For better or for worse, demons of all degrees answered to Giltine, although the situation did not call for her to mobilize the entire demon forces. They still saw systematization as ineffective and cumbersome, despite some, like Hauberk, believing otherwise.
It took Solcomm longer than expected to gather demons for combat and sufficient minions to serve them. When he finally arrived at Starlit Lake, he saw in all its glory the Astral Tower, now fully complete and operational.


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