Record of Solcomm's Attacks on the Astral Tower 2


It was the day of his first attack. He sighted a few Shaffenstar members scraping the bottom of the lake with rakes and other instruments, and he gave his subordinates orders to charge.
The first demon hadn't yet reached the side of the lake when they heard the alarm sound inside the Astral Tower. Given its enormous height, it became clear that a surprise attack was all but impossible. Perhaps they would have been more successful on a foggy day, although fog was rarely an occurrence near that lake. It was said to be one of the reasons Lydia Schaffen had chosen it in the first place.{np}The Shaffenstar members working around the lake had heard the alarm and were preparing to abandon the location. As the lake was only ankle-deep, from far away it looked as if the people were walking on the water. Steady but collected, they hurried back inside the tower.
The alarm had come too fast for the demons to attempt an attack on the returning members. Solcomm did not release any more orders to his men, but as the first demons made contact with the lake, something unexpected happened.{np}Some demons were instantly scorched, some melted, yet others turned to stone: it was as if the lake was toxic, provoking all kinds of gruesome reactions on their bodies.
Solcomm muttered under his breath. They had no way to know what was in that water until then.
The entire lake could be seen and surveilled from the Astral Tower. There was even a large telescope at the top.{np}Any recon operation, even in a small team, seemed impossible. Attempting one was accepting the almost sure chance of being discovered. There would be no turning back.{np}Solcomm dismissed his head officer and gave his subordinates orders to retrieve a sample of lake water before retreating entirely. He had chosen to remain optimistic about his efforts.


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