Record of Solcomm's Attacks on the Astral Tower 5


His next plan was to hire human mercenaries.
Strategically, it was much better to create an army containing both demons and human mercenaries, but even the greediest mercenaries weren't too keen on fighting alongside demons.
Solcomm even had to disguise himself as a human to get them to sign the contracts in the first place.{np}Even then, most mercenaries, who were initially interested in offered payment, refused to attack peaceful villagers.
Even the crazier ones who were willing to attack the innocent would look at Solcomm in disbelief after learning that Lydia Schaffen will be their foe.{np}Furthermore, one of the mercenaries reported to the royal officers of these recruiting efforts, causing government officials to start searching for suspicious people looking to hire mercenaries.
This prevented any mercenaries from joining Solcomm.{np}To make matters worse, Pbeta, who has been supporting Solcomm by traveling between the demonic world and the human world, reported Solcomm's mistakes to Demon Queen Gesti, causing him to be summoned and scolded. After this incident was spread within the underworld, other demon lords and queens started to look down upon Solcomm, causing his position in the underworld to fall even further.{np}Although Solcomm gave a warning to Pbeta for her reports, doing so was her job, so he couldn't just blame everything on her.
At least, it was a relief to him that Lydia Schaffen and her Schaffenstar haven't warned others of the attack, let alone ask for reinforcements. However, this was likely due to Schaffenstar's pride and their level of preparation for the attack.{np}Solcomm did not know this at the time, but Lydia Schaffen didn't ask for help because the tower must be prepared to withstand attacks without any support from the royal army or militia for centuries to come.
She was very much aware that someone like King Kadumel could rise to power at any moment to unite the demons with humans. Kings like Kadumel will undoubtedly try to seize the secrets contained in Astral tower, and the tower must be able to stand tall when that happens.
Sadly, Solcomm was destined to slowly learn this over the next couple of centuries.


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