Record of Solcomm's Attacks on the Astral Tower 7


In the end, the demons failed in surrounding the tower and making humans inside to starve to death.
Lydia Schaffen didn't even have to ask for help. After people found out that she was being attacked by the demons, countless men and women took up arms and went to the lake. Even the Royal Army was deployed due to public demand.{np}Since Solcomm didn't want to fight to the death, he retreated his demons and minions, and went into hiding.
After this incident, it became clear that large-scale sieges like this won't be viable unless the humans' unity was broken and their kingdom fell into chaos.
This surely wasn't going to happen anytime soon, and Solcomm wasn't in a hurry.
Although Pbeta kept trying, assembling demons for attacks was becoming more difficult with each passing day.{np}Then, Solcomm decided to use humans' one weakness: their mortality.
He decided to simply wait for Lydia Schaffen to grow old and die.
Solcomm was looked down upon by his minions due to this so-called plan, but he was running out of options.
However, he also worked behind the scenes to prevent anyone from becoming Lydia Schaffen's successor or joining Shaffenstar.{np}Sadly, his schemes and tricks were all in vain.
Schaffen's legacies and stories were heard all around the kingdom.
The story of her being in disguise and punishing a tyrannical lord by hitting an apple on the head of a farmer's son,
her forest adventures with Jon Himil (who was curiously considered small, despite his huge size) and their group of righteous outlaws during their days as members of Shaffenstar, the tale of her outsmarting Rumpelstiltskin in a bet, and the legend of her killing the demon king Ziburynas spread far and wide. After hearing of her exploits, countless people came to Shaffenstar to join them.{np}However, with enough patience, the chance to infiltrate the tower could come. Even if it would take centuries.
Solcomm had the necessary patience, and was aware of humans' nature of forgetting their initial stance over time.
What he didn't know, was that his minions weren't as patient as him.


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