Legend of the Mausoleum


* Legend of the Mausoleum
{np} The source of this document is currently unknown, as it was only recently uncovered. The original material on which it was written may look like paper, but it behaves very differently from any common type of paper, a trait which continues to baffle bibliographers to this day.{np} I personally suspect that this document may originate from Goddess Vaivora's Fantasy Library.
{np} I am certain that this document – and, by extension, records of it – did not exist before Medzio Diena. If it is true that Medzio Diena affected not only our world but the Fantasy Library as well, it is my theory that a Revelator may have entered the Library, causing some of its contents to cross over to our world as consequence.
{np} Unfortunately, the excerpt transcribed below is the only section of the document that has been recovered so far. We can only hope that its remaining parts will one day surface.
- Year 1096 of the Kingdom
Sage Master Lufas Kehel
{np} Enveloped in the familiar chill of the stones, Duke Kamof passed through the gateway. After all the workers had been sent away by order of the king, the room felt even cooler.
The absence of humidity, if anything, confirmed to him that the structure had been built as intended.
{np} The mausoleum needed to remain free of humidity to avoid damaging its inner constructions. No one knew how many eras the structure would have to last, which meant that every detail required the utmost attention.
{np} With these thoughts crossing his mind, the duke hurried his step towards the floor below, where his lord awaited him.
{np} His lord was a man who had earned the honorable title of Great King after unifying the lands of the Kingdom. His name was Zachariel, but it had been years since anyone had called him by that monicker.
{np} Of course, no one would ever doubt that even a king has a proper name, just as no one would ever dare to call one by that name.
{np} To Kamof, who had known Zachariel from the times when he was only a landlord, the name now sounded unfamiliar.
A couple more steps and the duke found himself in a room with the king and a few of his loyal subjects. Noticing him, King Zachariel greeted the duke with a wide smile.
{np} [It pleases me to know that the construction of the mausoleum is going as planned. Thank you for your efforts, Kamof.]
The duke replied.
[Your Majesty. The mausoleum remains unfinished. It's far too soon to send away the workers.]
[I was under the impression that only this floor had been cleared.]
{np} [There is still work to be done here as well.]
[I don't believe the work that needs to be done from now on is something we want outsiders to know.]
[But Your Majesty. All the writings at the plateau were also carved by simple workers at Your Majesty's command. This is no different.]
{np} [The men who carved the stones may have committed no crime, but the fact remains that we erased their memories by force. We mustn't allow demons or anyone with evil intentions to covet our legacy. But I also do not wish to betray my own people in such ways ever again.]
{np} Determined to convince the king, Duke Kamof looked around at the other men standing by Zachariel.
{np} Senior vassal Nbetgeller had served the king longer than anyone in the room. Commander Jupert Killen was in charge of overseeing all military operations. And there was general Glkahn Donihue, the king's personal guard. None of them offered to help support Kamof's argument.
{np} Duke Denonn Sherivic, the highest aristocrat in the judicial field, was the first to speak.
[I say, if His Majesty is willing to take a hammer and chisel in his own hands, who are we to refuse? I understand it is your duty to ensure the efficiency of this construction, but remember, there are much more important things to consider now.]
Kamof was quick to reply.
[Did I ever refuse to work for His Majesty? What I am saying is that those who have been tasked with governing the nation ought to do just that. Forgoing that work for a stonemasonry project seems awfully out of place.]
{np} Sherivic did not back down.
[It's all been explained by His Majesty. We may not know every detail about why this mausoleum was built, but certainly you know it isn't a mere whim of His Majesty's.
{np} You know this structure is a provision for a catastrophe that will threaten our Kingdom and humanity itself. If not us, who do you suggest handles such an important task?]
{np} It was then that Glkahn Donihue, the man responsible for the king's personal protection, first intervened.
{np} [You are both correct. Your Majesty. The Royal Knights can complete this task under the command of our major general, if Your Majesty allows. The Royal Guard will not disclose any information concerning the mausoleum. As it happens, the men that arrived today with our major general are some of our most reliable.]
{np} The reply came from senior vassal Nbetgeller, who until then had remained silent.
[I understand His Majesty's intentions to protect the secret of the mausoleum. However, the men in this room are our court's highest representatives. I see no reason to mistrust them.
{np} We must find a way to complete the task at hand without burdening the workers, nor ourselves.]
[Is that possible, I ask?]
At Zachariel's question, Nbetgeller explained,
{np} [In my opinion, even if we are to complete the task through our own efforts, it's only right that we continue performing at least some of our governing duties. That is why...]
[Yes?], Zachariel urged him.
{np} [First, Your Majesty must allow us to use magic. Second, for the stone carvings, in lieu of hammers and chisels, we can make use of acids and chemicals to erode the stones.]
[Magic and chemicals, you say. Isn't that dangerous?]
{np} The old vassal knew what Zachariel meant with his short question, and he did not hesitate to answer.
[All we need to do is handle the chemicals carefully. As for the magic, I don't believe it will affect the mausoleum's visitors in the future.
{np} Your Majesty worries that our magic could someday be traced by a skilled wizard, leading them to the mausoleum and exposing our legacy to the world before the time is right. I understand that.
{np} But Your Majesty, in time, skin that is burned with natural fire scars no different from skin that is burned with magic.
{np} Any methods we use to carve our writings and symbols onto these stones will be simply that: methods. Your Majesty need not worry about them.]
King Zachariel, seemingly convinced by the vassal's words, said, [Hm, is it feasible?]
{np} [We can use General Donihue's soldiers to carry out the task and continue to focus on our original duties. The work at the plateau is complete. According to Duke Kamof's report, the mausoleum now requires only the final details. I would say the task is perfectly feasible.]
[Very well. That is what we shall do.]
{np} [Thank you, Your Majesty. But, if Your Majesty allows, I would like to pose a question.]
[What is it?]
[As far as I could tell, this mausoleum was built not for Your Majesty's eternal sleep, but for someone who is meant to visit it in the future.
{np} Every inner working constitutes a test to that person's skill and intelligence, not to mention the safety provisions keeping the mausoleum from being approached by enemies and thieves. And yet, the work Your Majesty has entrusted upon us now seems to contradict that purpose entirely.]
{np} [You are right to assume what this mausoleum is for. However, my purpose isn't simply to test those who may come for the goddess' Revelation.
{np} You see, I wish to leave a gift for the visitor who completes the trials of this mausoleum. The path awaiting the one who finally enters these chambers will be unimaginably strenuous. My purpose is to leave for them a token of my appreciation, as well as a valuable message.
{np} Who knows? To them it may be nothing but the preachings of a man who is long dead, but that is my wish.]
Hearing this, Nbetgeller smiled as he prepared to address the king again.
{np} [Your Majesty's knowledge is that of our founding monarchs. Your Majesty's teachings will not be in vain. In fact, may I suggest that this chamber be named after that?]
{np} [Something like 'Hall of Knowledge', perhaps? I must say, it sounds rather awkward but it isn't so bad.]
Nbetgeller added, [One cannot tell how much time will pass before the destined visitor finds their way to Your Majesty's blessed mausoleum.
{np} I believe it is only right to pass onto our visitor as much knowledge as Your Majesty is willing to, regardless of the value that knowledge may hold in the future.]
{np} [That is what I intend to do. I shall document everything that is allowed to me about deities and demons, the foundation and history of our Kingdom, and the will of the goddesses in the planning and construction of this mausoleum.
{np} I wish, if it is possible, that all of this is left here in this Royal Mausoleum. And if there is still space, I wish to leave my own memoir.]
{np} The King said these words with an air of confidence. His vassals bowed their heads in reverence not simply because he sat in a seat of power, but because he represented a piece of the Goddess' divine providence.
{np} Note: After discussing the matter with Cyrenia Odell, it appears that the record above about the Royal Mausoleum does not properly represent the legacy of the King.
Due to this, I have done additional research and have concluded the following possiblities:
{np} First, there is no truth behind these documents.
I, through basic reasoning, have ruled out this possibility.
Two, the Royal Mausoleum was opened and through certain means the legacy of King Zachariel has been corrupted or damaged.
{np} And finally, three, the most likely possibility is that the real legacy of King Zachariel resides in the Great Woodlands in the mysterious mausoleum.
Which means, for some particular reason, the King did not leave his legacy in his own mausoleum while at the same time requesting that his predecessors keep the second one a secret.
{np} If this is true, then it is now difficult for us now to know if the legacy matches with their respective kings in their appropriate tombs.
{np} As the location of the mausoleum in Great Woodlands has not been confirmed, it is still difficult to conclude as to why the King and those who came after him, made such a decision.
{np} - Year 1096 of the Kingdom,
First Year of Consul Kaonilla
Sage Master Lufas Kehel


Story of the royal mausoleum of Zachariel the Great. Right-click to read.


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