Opinion about the Nheto Forest Painting


Written by Lucid Winterspoon on Year 1096 of our Kingdom
I have labored long as the Chronomancer Master, but my mission has been even more complicated after Medzio Diena, 4 years ago.
{np}At first, I thought of the changes in Nheto Forest as a side effect of Medzio Diena just like the other regions.
However, I have always been alert as to the possibility of using Chronomancy illegally and started searching since I felt some irregularities.
I found surprising results as a result of my research, even when I was expecting some time shifts.
I found that there had been considerable damage done to the time frame as well as vegetation as a result of Medzio Diena.
I am worried that there may be those trying to take advantage of these issues, especially the demons.{np}However, finding the irregularities in Nheto Forest will become my short term mission.
All I can do is to focus on my work about finding the issues and looking for a solution even if it may be too late to stop the side effects plaguing the region.


Opinion about the Nheto Forest Paintings written by Chronomancer Master Lucid Winterspoon. Right-click to read.


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