Welcome to tos.guru!

This is an open-source database for Tree of Savior, a game being developed by IMC Games.

It is still in active development, taking multiple updates per week, with the latest patches and new features.
Re:Build patch is already supported, and currently available only on kTEST region, which can be changed at the top right

Currently, a Skill Simulator is available, making use of the in-game formulas to calculate skill damage, skill SP costs and attribute unlock logic.

A Database is also available, and currently supports the following datasets:

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  • [Updated] kTOS is now on Re:Build
  • [Updated] Updated iTOS, jTOS, kTOS and kTEST to the latest versions
  • [Fixed] Double Punch is no longer crashing on the detail page
  • [Improved] Improved initial loading time and when changing regions
  • [Updated] Updated iTOS, jTOS, kTOS and kTEST to the latest versions
  • [Fixed] kTEST Simulator no longer crashes on certain classes. Thanks @Laynaria
  • [Fixed] kTEST Gems (red, green, blue, white) are now showing all stat bonuses. Thanks @KriLanze + @Cotoco
  • [Fixed] iTOS, jTOS and kTOS are now able to level their skills again on the Skill detail page. Thanks @TermiNekoEXence
  • [Fixed] Magical Attack no longer appears duplicated on an Equipment stats. Thanks @Crevox
  • [Fixed] Skill SP calculation now uses the in-game formulas
  • [Fixed] Search now returns the correct results even on slower machines. Thanks @TermiNekoEXence
  • [Fixed] Removed invalid search results from the search index. Thanks @Mia
  • [Fixed] Monster detail page is no longer crashing
  • [New] Added SP formulas to Skill detail page
  • [New] Added a homepage with a brief introduction and a changelog
  • [Updated] Updated iTOS, jTOS, kTOS and kTEST to the latest versions
  • [Fixed] Chaplain is no longer considered a Secret class. Thanks @Laynaria
  • [Fixed] 'Summon'-like skills have been purged from all databases. Thanks @Hillgarm
  • [Fixed] Re:Build Simulator builds are again able to be shared around
  • [Improved] When no more skill points are available, and you left click a skill at level < levelMax, it now goes back to 0. Thanks @PetroSpark
  • [Improved] Added 'Usable by Scout' icon to equipment tooltip and detail pages
  • [Improved] Updated cards' frames to the latest design. Thanks @Crevox
  • [New] Added Stats to Re:Build Simulator