The Expansion of Atman


The Expansion of Atman{np}Congratulations on receiving this book, which no criminal may see. There are many ways to use magic, but the magic used by Linkers are a particular case. Other mages exercise effect-based powers rather than magic. That is to say, to fight an enemy with a fireball, or with lightning, does not truly bind the enemy with magic. {np}These attacks only use magic to make a fireball and lightning. Then, the mages control the magical energy's direction and destination, releasing it after settling on both.{np}In other words, these mages are unable to handle enemies without Linkers; as they need to channel and regulate surrounding energy, these mages do not have the time to easily handle targeting their magic towards an enemy. However, as you have chosen to walk the path of the Linker, the way of your magic will differ completely. The way of a Linker's magic is by directly linking your magic with your opponent's magic, which includes searching for your target within seconds.{np}Also, in the case of linking more than 2 targets, a Linker's way of magic is complicated even further if the targets have mutually opposing properties. In these situations, the Linker must use a viable magical property to connect the targets with opposing properties.{np}Thus to some extent, the Linkers are experienced magic users who still have a lot of new fields to test. Even if there are those predestined to be Linkers, fledging mages who have developed their abilities to control magic are recommended becoming Linkers and walking the path of a Linker. Above all, the most important matter about Linkers is the establishment of their truly resolved soul, or Atman. Without it, it is possible for attacks directed at a magically linked target to return towards the Linker.{np}For this reason, Linkers differ from other mages in which they must remember to use their magically established self as a tool. Particularly, when you must face other Linkers, your Atman is even more important.{np}Congratulations again on receiving this book. The fact that you were able to find this book means that you have successfully found some sort of link between the visible world and the invisible world. Consequently, if you experience difficulty searching for a magical linkage point within a group of targets hereafter, it'll become easier to cast away insincerity.


Essential Reading for Linkers: Finding The Nexus Point Of All Ego. Readable.


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