Torn Diary (Part 1)


The 4th of X
There's been very little traffic coming to town from the capital.
When one family moved in, the whole village threw a welcome party.
After all, how many outsiders do we get to meet these days?
{np}I might not know for what reason people would come all the way out here,
but after Medzio Diena, it feels great to be in such a cheerful town.
I might skip work tomorrow and party along.

{np}The 5th of X
I steamed some potato dumplings to try to get to know the new neighbors.
I heard some loud noises when I knocked on the door.
The neighbor seemed to be quite expressionless, but lightened up at the sight of the dumplings I had brought along.
{np}He apologized for his lack of spirit before, as he and his son were putting up wallpaper.
What a harmonious family, I wonder if I could create something like that?


A torn page from a diary of a resident who used to live in Andale Town. Readable.


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