Welcome to tos.guru!

This is an open-source database for Tree of Savior, a game being developed by IMC Games.

It is still in active development, taking multiple updates per week, with the latest patches and new features. Re:Build patch is already supported

Currently, a Skill Simulator is available, making use of the in-game formulas to calculate skill damage, skill SP costs and attribute unlock logic.

A Database is also available, and currently supports the following datasets:

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  • Notice Merry Chritmas πŸŽ… and a Happy New Year πŸŽ†!
  • Fixed Added support to the new 4ever Arks, Classes, Trinkets, ...
  • Notice Boo!πŸ‘»
  • Fixed Cooldown and SP are being calculated correctly again. Thanks @PetroSpark
  • Fixed Added support for Special Costume skins (inside the Database > Equipment section)
  • Fixed Automatic updates are working again for all regions. Thanks @xZeroGodx
  • Notice Sorry for the lack of updates but I haven't had much free time over the past months. I'm still working on a major rework for the entire website, you can follow the development over at my discord.
  • Fixed Translations are no longer missing for the new classes in the twTOS Simulator. Thanks θ˜‹ζžœπŸŽ
  • Fixed SkillFactors are being calculated again. Thanks @PetroSpark, @Edoweiss, @Fenatte, @Kashou
  • Fixed CaptionRatio2 for Heal is being calculated again. Thanks @PetroSpark
  • Notice Sorry for the lack of updates but last month I've been finishing my university. I'm now back to reworking a big part of tos.guru to improve the performance, add more data, etc.
  • Fixed Search is now working correctly for twTOS. Thanks @ηœŸεΊ­θ΅€η‹
  • Improved Improved search for kTOS and kTEST
  • Fixed Added the missing drop information for some maps (e.g. Primus drop information in Astral Tower 1F). Thanks @Liel
  • Fixed Fixed the drop chance for the loot tables (e.g. Ruby's drop chance on Bauba's Cave). Thanks @Liel
  • New Added Maps, which includes an interactive minimap for visualizing the location of NPCs and Monsters spawns
  • New Added zone-level drop information (e.g. primus equipment and all other unidentified equipment)
  • New Added map exploration rewards
  • New Added Collections/Treasures locations
  • Bug Loading time has increased, due to the new Map and NPC information
  • Notice Next I'll be working on significantly reducing the loading time and reduce the amount of bugs due to new game patches. World Map will be coming after.
  • Fixed Level cap has been updated to 420 (due to limitations this has been applied to all regions). Thanks @PetroSpark
  • Fixed kTOS and kTEST Skill cooldown and SP consumption is working again. Thanks @PetroSpark
  • Fixed Assassin's Hasisas has a working description again. Thanks @Kashou
  • Notice Sorry for taking so long to release a new update, IRL has been extremely busy. Next up it's Maps
  • Improved Revamped the entire offline mode from scratch. Should no longer fail to install when behind an antivirus or fail to open when the cache becomes corrupted
  • Improved Simplified the overall deployment process. The server will no longer crash by running out of memory and will update to the new game patches more quickly
  • Improved Import process now uses the entire LUA code from the client, which should lead to less crashes due to code refactoring
  • Improved Sharing a build as an URL or opening a linked build is now more reliable as it goes through my own webserver. Thanks @Palemoon
  • Fixed All images/icons will now always be extracted from kTEST (except for the region specific items)
  • Fixed All monsters are now correctly calculating their atk/def values, even when using virtual equipment. Thanks @acc97862, @Crevox
  • Fixed Added missing monsters (e.g. Velcoffaner). Thanks @Lubu20, @TerminalEssense
  • Fixed Cooldown is working correctly again for Cleric classes
  • New Added a 'Thank You' page for all the patrons, for supporting tos.guru!
  • New Added a message at the top thanking a random selection of patrons. You can dismiss this message for a week
  • New Added Taiwanese TOS (twTOS) region. Thanks θ˜‹ζžœπŸŽ
  • Fixed Fashion-related filters on the Equipment section are now working again. Thanks @Muniqui
  • New tos.guru will now automatically check for new game patches and update every hour (e.g. 09:15, 10:15, 11:15, ...)
  • Fixed Added missing orange background color to Missile Skills (e.g. most Archer's Skills)
  • Fixed Skill max levels are now being correctly calculated (e.g. Alchemist's Gem Roasting). Thanks @Crevox @Saiko @Xvkr
  • Fixed Some attributes (e.g. Frenzy: Enhance) is now correctly assigned to its skill. Thanks @Skykyrie
  • Fixed Database pages now show the correct total page number when filtering. Thanks @Lamisedaxeh
  • Fixed Mortal Slash cooldown is now being correctly calculated. Thanks @Zeucleio
  • Fixed Mortal Slash is no longer showing as 'Cloneable by Shinobi'. Thanks @Zeucleio
  • Fixed Updated Pardoner for Re:Build and added Runecaster filter to Skills page
  • Fixed Added missing skill icons (again)
  • Fixed tos.guru will now wait for at least 30 minutes before checking for updates again
  • Improved Improved tap registration on the Skill Simulator on mobile
  • Improved Skill cooldown is now calculated using in-game scripts. Thanks @Hillgarm and @muskekteer
  • Improved Minor design tweaks to the Formulas section of a Skill detail page
  • Improved Added support to attributes which are shared between multiple skills (e.g. Cannoneer's Detonate). Thanks @Fenatte, @Isthelte and @PetroSpark
  • Improved Skill simulator now always shows the plus/minus buttons on mobile. Thanks @Crevox
  • Improved You can now level a Skill beyond it's maximum level on its Database page. Thanks @Crevox
  • Fixed Skill factors no longer show as undefined when the translation uses some deprecated methods. (e.g. Snow Rolling) Thanks @Jurcan
  • Fixed Skill factors no longer fail to calculate when the code updates one of the skill's attributes. (e.g. Throw Sand) Thanks @Xvkr @Zeucleio @Skykyrie
  • Fixed Animated GIFs for the new classes (Assassin and Outlaw) are no longer missing
  • Fixed Job Type/Role is now showing correctly again. Thanks @Xvkr
  • Fixed Skill synergy description color is now rendering correctly. Thanks @marq and @Crevox
  • Fixed Possible fix? for the ERR_FAILED error which plagued some users. Please ping me in case you see it again
  • Fixed Possible fix? for header dropdown menus (e.g. Database and Region) which weren't opening at all on iOS Safari
  • New Added a 'Clear cache' button to the loading screen in case it gets stuck while loading
  • New Added a 'Clear cache' button to the footer. (click the patch version to trigger)
  • New Added a 'Checking for updates...' notice to the header, to make it clearer when tos.guru is checking for updates
  • Improved tos.guru now automatically checks for updates every hour and updates to the latest game patches
  • Improved Cleaned up the design of the header and the footer
  • Fixed Fixed installation issues for some users when they were running Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Fixed Multiple reliability improvements when installing/updating tos.guru. Should be a bit slower, but will use less RAM and CPU
  • Updated Updated iTOS, jTOS, kTOS and kTEST to the latest versions
  • Improved tos.guru will now display a message in case your browser isn't supported
  • Improved Reduced overall download size per region (~10MB -> ~2MB) when updating the database
  • Improved Improved overall response times when loading assets for the first time, by caching most of the website on CloudFlare
  • Fixed Offline mode is now correctly caching all main pages (Database, Home and Simulator) from the start
  • Fixed Search is working again. Thanks @Muniqui
  • Fixed Equipment required classes and item tradability are showing correctly again. Thanks @Hillgarm and @PetroSpark
  • [Update] Updated iTOS, jTOS, kTOS and kTEST to the latest versions
  • Improved Added patch version to the loading screen and to the footer
  • Fixed Page no longer shows white when switching regions and using the dark theme. Thanks @Crevox
  • Fixed Internal database no longer gets into a state with incomplete data
  • Fixed Offline mode is now working as intended
  • Notice Happy New Year! 🐷
  • New tos.guru is now available offline! Note: in order to save disk, images will be cached on demand
  • New tos.guru can now be installed on Mobile and on PC (Browser Menu -> Add to Home Screen)
  • New Added a new fullscreen loading animation when new database updates are available
  • New Added a new 'Update is Available' indicator to the top menu
  • New I now have a Patreon! Become a patron and support the development of tos.guru
  • Improved Significantly reduced the overall RAM usage (by around 50%)
  • Improved Significantly reduced loading time when no new updates are available
  • Improved Reduced search loading time by removing the 'Description' field from the index
  • Improved Updated cache from a time-based to a hash-based implementation, which will reduce the overall network traffic
  • Fixed Collections are no longer showing the wrong items in rare situations of duplicate IDs. Thanks @Zeucleio
  • Fixed Browsers now correctly prompt for translating the page when a foreign region is selected
  • Fixed Search no longer crashes when returning Equipment Sets. Thanks @Hillgarm and @Sujiru
  • Fixed Restored stat attributes for some discontinued items (e.g. CAN05_101). Thanks @Sujiru
  • Removed Older browsers no longer support tos.guru. For more information, check the browsers in green here
  • Fixed Skills of higher circles are now showing up correctly on the simulator. Thanks @Ramon
  • Fixed Search accuracy improved quite significantly. Thanks @Crevox
  • Ho ho ho πŸŽ…
  • Fixed Gems stats are no longer messed up. Thanks @WhiteDwarf, @AmberRei and @Ramon
  • Improved Added attributes to Classes and Skills list pages
  • Improved Improved tooltip's position so it doesn't cover the important bits as often
  • Fixed Removed some more deprecated attributes. Thanks @Ramon
  • Fixed Fixed some simulator attribute unlock propagation issues. Thanks @Ramon
  • Fixed Removed deprecated attributes that were re-introduced with the last update. Thanks @Ramon, @Shinobi, @Umineko and @Zeucleio
  • Fixed Classes on the Simulator are now ordered by ID instead of by Name. Thanks @Crevox
  • Updated Updated iTOS, jTOS, kTOS and kTEST to the latest versions
  • Improved Initial loading time has been reduced even further, however RAM requirements have increased. This will be addressed on the next update.
  • Improved Header dropdown menus now open immediately on mouse hover
  • Improved Improved search performance and reliability
  • Improved Entity detail pages now have more details for referenced entities (e.g. each collection on Tanu Flower's detail page now shows all the other items which also belong to those collections)
  • Improved Set the appropriate document language, to trigger the browser's Translate button. Note: this only works when opening the page, not when switching regions. Thanks @Nekorin
  • Fixed Rank 1 classes no longer show duplicated on the Simulator. Thanks @PetroSpark, @Zeucleio, @Montz and everyone else who reported!
  • Fixed Shields/Shirts/Pants are no longer missing their +40 Anvil Enhancement bonus. Thanks @Crevox
  • Fixed Added missing elements to some skills descriptions (e.g. Monk's Energy Blast on Re:Build). Thanks @4lkruzeth
  • Fixed As per Re:Build, Cannons are now a 2-Handed Weapon on the Equipment list Type filter. Thanks @Hillgarm and @Laynaria
  • Fixed Mergen skills no longer show Crossbow as a possible stance. Thanks @TerminalEssence
  • Fixed Added missing class attributes (e.g. SwordMastery_DEForATK). Thanks @Hillgarm
  • Fixed Removed extra 0s on some skill description values (e.g. Paladin's Stone Skin on kTEST at level 3)
  • Removed Removed Google Adsense test code, as Google continues rejecting serving ads to the website.
  • Updated kTOS is now on Re:Build
  • Updated Updated iTOS, jTOS, kTOS and kTEST to the latest versions
  • Updated Updated iTOS, jTOS, kTOS and kTEST to the latest versions
  • Improved Improved initial loading time and when changing regions
  • Fixed Double Punch is no longer crashing on the detail page
  • Fixed kTEST Simulator no longer crashes on certain classes. Thanks @Laynaria
  • Fixed kTEST Gems (red, green, blue, white) are now showing all stat bonuses. Thanks @KriLanze + @Cotoco
  • Fixed iTOS, jTOS and kTOS are now able to level their skills again on the Skill detail page. Thanks @TermiNekoEXence
  • New Added SP formulas to Skill detail page
  • New Added a homepage with a brief introduction and a changelog
  • Updated Updated iTOS, jTOS, kTOS and kTEST to the latest versions
  • Fixed Magical Attack no longer appears duplicated on an Equipment stats. Thanks @Crevox
  • Fixed Skill SP calculation now uses the in-game formulas
  • Fixed Search now returns the correct results even on slower machines. Thanks @TermiNekoEXence
  • Fixed Removed invalid search results from the search index. Thanks @Mia
  • Fixed Monster detail page is no longer crashing
  • New Added Stats to Re:Build Simulator
  • Improved When no more skill points are available, and you left click a skill at level < levelMax, it now goes back to 0. Thanks @PetroSpark
  • Improved Added 'Usable by Scout' icon to equipment tooltip and detail pages
  • Improved Updated cards' frames to the latest design. Thanks @Crevox
  • Fixed Chaplain is no longer considered a Secret class. Thanks @Laynaria
  • Fixed 'Summon'-like skills have been purged from all databases. Thanks @Hillgarm
  • Fixed Re:Build Simulator builds are again able to be shared around